The courage to create, to make art, is the key to an enlightened and enriched life.  As adults, every creative moment spent in pursuit of art, beauty, and self-expression makes us more fully formed and allows us to lead more emotionally healthy lives.  In our children's lives, we can agree that art allows them access to the world, provides them with space and language to express themselves, and makes room for their wildest imagination to improve the world we'll give them.

 Photo credit: M. Anthony Hopkins

Photo credit: M. Anthony Hopkins

after school

The Pot O’ Paint After-school program is committed to providing your children with the opportunity to experience their most creative selves. We’ve designed our space and curriculum to inspire your child’s imagination and ensure their comfort and safety. Pot O’ Paint gives your kids the courage to create.
In the mornings we offer children a calm and restful hour before school. We offer a morning ritual for the children by dimming the lighting, providing soothing music and encouraging the children to prepare for their day in a relaxed environment.

In the afternoons, we make time for children to complete homework (so it's ready for you to check with them before bed!) then allow them time to snack and relax followed by a little over an hour of light art instruction or exposure to new or classic art before you arrive to collect them. 

Photo by mdegrood/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by mdegrood/iStock / Getty Images


PO'P Gallery is a creative arts and culture hub offering innovative retail opportunities to local artists, and our 1500 sq/ft space is also available for private events on a limited basis. 

At our 822 Merrick Road location, we offer a vibrant monthly calendar of art, culture and entertainment experiences. The gallery features works for sale by collectible emerging area artists. The retail shop offers handmade works by American artisans. Mornings, nights, and weekends we offer workshops, parent/child studio time, literary readings, lectures, and acoustic musical performances.

822 Merrick is at the epicenter of the great things happening in Baldwin's commercial neighborhood. We are accessible from Rockville Centre, Oceanside, Freeport, Lynbrook and Long Beach and many south shore towns and are a short five-minute walk from the LIRR at Baldwin Station, allowing for quick drop ins after work and easy visits for our friends venturing in from Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

Photo by bbbrrn/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by bbbrrn/iStock / Getty Images

beautiful baldwin

Baldwin is a quintessential east coast small town. We welcome a socially and ethnically diverse population, and we are home to many small, locally owned businesses. 

In Baldwin, we believe in the arts and the power of art to transform society and enrich the lives of everyone who creates and experiences it. As a result, our children out-perform in local elementary and middle schools and the arts output in our local high schools is exceptional. 

We chose to situate in the town of Baldwin because it is our home, because of its long and storied history with the arts, its current, vibrant creative population, and because we are committed to the energetic and constantly evolving Baldwin community.

Drop into Baldwin. Great things are happening here.