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Essentials of Photography

Introductory course for students to become familiar with their camera and its functions so as to create intentional photographs. General camera functions including aperture, shutter, and ISO speed will be covered. General techniques including framing, depth of field, and perspective will be explored.

Please bring your camera (film or digital,) preferably an SLR, but your point & shoot will work as well. You'll need a pencil/pen, and a notebook as well.

Instructor: M. Anthony Hopkins

Cost: $35 per session

Classes are ages 10 and up.

Saturdays at 12pm : 9/30, 10/14, 10/28, 11/11, and 11/25.

About your instructor:

M. Anthony Hopkins began his study of photography in California’s Bay Area, documenting the state's stunning landscapes and fascinatingly diverse people. His BA in American Studies from UC Berkley and MA in Education from NYU compliment his work as a photographer, providing a unique perspective and framing his creative conversation within and beyond the scope of the aperture.